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The Generic Patch/Splice Tray, FIST-GPST-12 is a mechanical tray assembly for the FISTfiber management system in a rack environment.

FIST-GPST-12’s are typically used in conjunction with a FIST splice and patchshelf (FIST-GPS2)

FIST-GPSTF-12’s are typically used in conjunction with a FIST splice and patchshelf (FIST-GPS3).

The unit has the following functions and features:

  • Patching only, using patch cords, connectorized break-out or intra-facility cable
  • Splicing loose tube cable, non connectorized intra-facility or break-out cable to pigtails and patching these pigtails to patch cords
  • Splitters can be integrated
  • Full patching capability on the tray and between the trays of one shelf.FIST-GPST-12FIST generic patching shelf tray


Patching trays are used instead of frontpatch panels:

  • Patch cords are better managed in a horizontal plane
  • Full access at both sides of the connection-Reconnection to other positions in the same tray or shelf does not result in uncontrolled overlengths
  • Various connector adapters possible
  • Bend controls guide and protect the pigtail cable and ensure controlled cable bending
  • Empty versions available as well as filled with various types of adapters/retainers and eventually pre-fibered with the conforming pigtails.


Product details

Productnaam: FIST-GPST12


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