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FOSC 400

The FOSC name is synonymous with excellence in sealing, fiber management, ease of use and design fexibility. The original FOSC 100 was introduced in 1986 and has held a leadership positon since that tme. FOSC closures are engineered specially for fiber-optc applicatons. They are not modifed copper closures and the diference shows. FOSC clients ask for and get the highest quality standards.FOSC 400 closures combine proven fber management hardware from the earlier FOSC 100 closures, with a completely new sealing system. Base-to-dome seals on FOSC 400 are mechanical for ease of  installaton and re-entry. Cable seals feature a new heatshrink sleeve and hot melt adhesive system that is installed with a hot-air gun.Common materials, accessories and practces are used throughout the product line to simplify training, reduce inventory and enhance productvity. FOSC 400 fiber optc splice closures are available in three sizes: the FOSC 400 A, FOSC 400 B and FOSC  400 D.All sizes are designed for use with any cable constructon (loose bufer tube, central core tube, loose fber, ribbon), in any environment (aerial, pedestal, buried, handhole, manhole) and for numerous splice applicatons (expressed, tap-of, branch and repair).

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Productnaam: FOSC 400

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