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The generic gel closure FIST-GCOG2 is the environmentally sealed, fully mechanical enclosure for the fiber management system that provides the functions of splicing and passive component integration in the external network.


  • Single-ended design
  • Base and dome are sealed with a clamp and O-ring system
  • 6 round cable ports are provided in a wrap-around block with pre-installed gel profile for cable sealing. This block can be opened and closed repeatedly without the need to remove or replace the gel
  • The UMS (Universal Mounting System) profiles provide the foundation for mounting combinations of SOSA2 (Splice Only Sub-Assembly) and/or SASA2 (Splitter Array Sub-Assembly) modules, which consists of a modular grooveplate and trays
  • Compatible with most common cable types: e.g. loose tube, central core, slotted core
  • Uncut fibers can be stored as single circuits in trays and/or as cable elements in the storage space between the profiles.  Storage baskets are available for mass storage of fibers of central core cable constructions
  • The closure can be used as well in aerial, pedestal and underground (up to 5 meters) environment

Product details

Productnaam: FIST-GCOG2

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