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General information

For almost 30 years, CommScope has led the industry with solutions such as FIST fiber management system, providing a system of fiber management from the central office through the customer premises. Now, we continue that leadership with the introduction of the FACT ODF system, enabling faster and easier installation in a high density environment. The toolless system approach and the high level of modularity guarantee an easy migration path towards new connectivity platforms and expansion of existing central office sites. FACT modules support full patch and/or splice-patch functions within a rack environment. Trays within the element can be configured with adapters, splicing and passive optical components. Trays are staggered for easy fiber routing and access to connectors.Currently available, the FACT standard version integrates into a current partially or non-equipped FIST-GR2/3 frame or lineup.


  • Patching, using patch cords, connectorized breakout or intrafacility cables
  • Splicing loose tube, non-connectorized intrafacility or breakout cables to pigtails and patching these pigtails to patch cords
  • Supports integration of passive optical splitters and wavelength division multiplexers
  • Various connector/adapter types possible
  • Enhanced modularity created by stacking four elements together in a 3HU grouping
  • Full patching capability on the elements and between elements in one module and across modules
  • Use of connectorized cables allows repair of pigtails
  • Easy identification of each fiber
  • Kits available to attach cables at the side of the elements
  • Full wrap-around solution accessible from the front to guide fibers and pigtail
  • Can be installed in FIST racks and metric (ETSI) rack sizes
  • FACT elements and modules are shipped with the maximum number of trays already installed. 

Benefits of advanced element patching

  • Easy: Full front access and non-moving fiber during element manipulation
  • Fast: Toolless scalable system
  • Clean: Both sides easily accessible for cleaning adapters
  • Safe: Laser light oriented perpendicularly to the operator
  • Accessible: Guaranteed full front access at both sides of connection
  • Visible: Patch cords do not hamper access or visibility of ports
  • Secure: Because of their position in the trays, connectors are better protected than in some front facing patch shelves
  • Manipulation of patch cords does not cause transient losses
  • Reconnection to other positions in the same tray or shelf does not result in uncontrolled overlengths
  • Bend controls guide and protect the pigtail cable and ensure controlled cable routing

Cablerouting met FACT:

Technical data


# FACT ELEMENTS Height(mm) HU 

LC Connections

SC Connections
1 30,95 0,7  48 24
2 61,9 1,4 96 48
3 92,85 2,1 144 72
4 122,8 2,8 192 96
5 154,75 3,5 240 120
6 185,7 4,2 288 144


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