• FIST-GPS2/3

General information

FIST-GPS shelves feature the FIST fiber management system and provide a platform for patching and splicing within a rack environment. The shelves house FIST splice and patch trays (FIST-GPST-12 or FIST-GPSTF-12).  They mount in ETSI (FIST-GR3), 19- or 15-inch (FIST-GR3F) racks.

FIST-GPS2 shelves are used in ETSI and 19-inch frames. These shelves feature FIST-GPST 19-inch trays with adapter/retainers; trays are staggered for  easy fiber routing and access to connectors, and are provided in sets of two trays.  

FIST-GPS3 shelves feature FIST-GPST 15-inch trays without retainers; trays can be stacked directly on each other. FIST-GPS3 shelves are used in 15-inch frames.


  • Patching, using patch cords, connectorized breakout or  intrafacility cables
  • Splicing loose tube cables, non-connectorized intrafacility or breakout cables to pigtails and patching these pigtails to patch cords
  • Supports integration of passive optical splitters and wavelength  division multiplexers
  • Various connector/adapter types possible
  • Optional jumper overlength storage facility (for 19-inch shelves)
  • Full patching capability on the tray and between trays in one shelf
  • Use of connectorized cables allows repair of pigtails
  • Easy identification of each fiber
  • Available with various capacities and in different heights (44, 89, 125 and 175mm; please note, 44mm height is available only for 19-inch shelves)
  • Kits available to attach cables at the side or back of shelf
  • Wrap-around side panel and pigtail guide for easy re-patching (except in 44mm versions)
  • Can be installed in CommScope’s FIST racks and other 19-inch or metric (ETSI) rack sizes  
    •  FIST-GPS2 mount in ETSI and 19-inch frames  
    •  FIST-GPS3 mount in 15-inch frames
  •  Shelves are shipped with the maximum number of trays already installed.


Technical data


Dimensions in mm Maximum connection capacity
Without storage basket
With storage basket
Height Width Depth
175 (4HU) 485/535 280 96/192 72/144
125 (3HU) 485/535 280 72/144 48/96
89 (2HU) 485/535 280 48/96 24/48
44 (1HU) 485/535 280 24/48 12/24



Dimensions in mm Maximum connection capacity
Height Width Depth
175 (4HU) 385 280 96/192
125 (3HU) 385 280 72/144
89 (2HU) 385 280 48/96

Product details

Productnaam: FIST-GPS2/3


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