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The FIST-GSS2 and FIST-GSS3 multi-purpose splice shelves feature FIST fiber management system technology. They mount in ETSI (FIST-GR3), 19- or 15-inch (FIST-GR3F) racks.

These shelves store splices for:

  • External to external/indoor cable
  • External/indoor cable to pigtails
  • External/indoor cable to break-out (BOC) or intrafacility cable (IFC)
  • Pigtails to pigtails


  • Can be installed in CommScope’s FIST ETSI and 15-inch racks and other 19-inch or metric (ETSI) rack sizes (both back and front mounting)
    • FIST-GSS3 mount in 15-inch frames
    • FIST-GSS2 mount in ETSI and 19-inch frames
  • Accessories available for termination of most common cable types e.g.loose tube or other cable constructions
  • UMS (Universal Mounting System) profiles provide foundation for mounting combinations of SOSA2 (Splice Only Sub-Assembly) and/or SASA3/FSASA (Splitter Array Sub Assembly) modules which consist of modular groove plate and trays
  • Termination units for aramid yarn can be mounted in the shelf to provide necessary strain relief when terminating common pigtail types
  • Design of aramid yarn termination units and trays prevents transient loss on adjacent pigtails and fibers during handling of pigtails and fibers
  • Factory-installed fiber guiding tubes and bend controls allow for easy, controlled access to fibers and splices
  • When shelf is back mounted, wrap-around side panel and pigtail guide designed for easy addition of pigtails
  • Easy identification of each fiber


Technische gegevens


Dimensions in mm FIST-GSS2 (19"/ETSI) FIST-GSS3 (15")
Height 125 125
Width 485 385
Depth 2890 280


  FIST-GSS2 (19"/ETSI) FIST-GSS3 (15")
Splice capacity cable to cable Trays Number of splices Trays Number of splices
FIST-SOSA2-8SC (2F/4F) 48 96/192(1) 36 72/144
FIST-SOSA2-4SE (12F) 24 288(1) 18 216(1)
Number of tubes in / maximum number of fibers per tube 16 (3.1mm)/24 16 (3.1mm)/24
Number of tubes out / maximum number of fibers per tube 16 (3.1mm)/24 16 (3.1mm)/24
Splice capacity cable to single pigtail Trays Number of splices Trays Number of splices
FIST-SOSA2-8SC (2F/4F) 48 96/192 36 72/144
FIST-SOSA2-4SE (8F) 24 192 18 144
Number of tubes in 24 (3.1mm) 24 (3.1mm)
Number of single pigtails out
(1.8 or 2.4mm)(2)
Total pigtails out

Space in shelf for maximum 12 FIST-SPTK2 kits (3)

Total pigtails out Space in shelf for maximum 9 FIST-SPTK2 kits (4)
12x16 pigtails=192 16 pigtails per kit 9x16 pigtails=144 16 pigtails per kit


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Productnaam: FIST-GSS2


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