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The FIST-GMS2 features the FIST fiber management system and is a multi-purpose mechanical shelf assembly used to store splices of external/indoor cable to pigtails. These shelves combine splice, storage and patching functions. The shelf accommodates a patch panel containing  24 standard or 48 small-form factor connections.


  • Installs in ETSI (FIST-GR3) or 19-inch racks
  • Accessories available for termination of most common cable types
  • UMS (Universal Mounting System) profiles provide foundation for mounting combinations of SOSA2 (Splice Only Sub-Assembly) and/or SASA3/FSASA (Splitter Array Sub Assembly) modules which consist of modular groove plate and trays
  • 24-position panel
    • Supports a mix of connector/adapters (up to 24 SC or 48 LC) and termination units for aramid yarn (up to 96 fibers)
    • Termination units provide necessary strain relief when terminating common pigtail types
  • Factory-installed fiber guiding tubes and bend controls allow easy, controlled access to fibers and splices


Technical data


Closure dimension in mm 19"
Height 125
Width 485
Depth 280
Storage capacity    
Pigtail (900µ) length in shelf 2 meters
Patch cord length (from trumpet to patch panel) 0.8 to 1.0 meter
Splicing cable to 900µ pigtails using connector/adapters Fibers Trays
Single circuit splicing 24/48 12
Single element splicing 24/48 2/4
Splicing cable to 1.8mm pigtails using termination units for aramid yarn Fibers Trays
Single circuit splicing 48/96 24
Single element splicing 48/96 4/8


Product details

Productnaam: FIST-GMS2


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