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CommScope’s fiber optic splice closures are synonymous with excellence in sealing, fiber management, ease of use and design flexibility. Building on almost 30 years of innovation and industry leadership, CommScope’s new FIST-EDSA FTTH closure enables faster and easier installation of direct buried cables and speed pipes.

The FIST-EDSA features innovative sealing and cable retention for a range of cables, combined with proven gel seal technology and FIST fiber management hardware.


  • Single-ended base and dome design with only two latches
  • Four long oval-shaped gel-sealed drop ports for 12 drop cables each (maximum 48 drops)
  • One oval shaped gel-sealed feeder port
  • Feeder loop possibility
  • Feeder cable diameter maximum 16mm
  • Drop cable diameter range: 5-8mm
  • Fast, easy, toolless installation
  • Single-sided UMS (Universal Mounting System) frame allows mounting of FIST management grooveplates and trays
  • Repair and upgrade possibility
  • Intuitive identification
  • Eliminates need for waterblock connectors
  • New cable attachment design: toolless and  wrap-around installation


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Productnaam: FIST-EDSA


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