• OFDC-B8

General information

The gel-sealed outdoor distribution closure is used to break out fibers from a looped cable to connect business customers, MDUs or single living units. The gel, used for both closure and cable seals, allows easy access and is fully re-useable.


  • Single-ended design
  • Compact enclosure (163 x 326 x 102 mm)
  • Gel block with spring loading for cable seal
  • Not necessary to cut feeding cable’s loop-through fiber
  • Organizer can be removed from closure body
  • Compatible with SMOUV and ANT splice protectors
  • Transient-free customer provisioning
  • Drop cables terminated individually
  • Unconnected fibers stored separately from spliced drop fibers
  • Integration of optical splitters possible
  • Main cable up to 18 mm diameter
  • Drop cable up to 6 mm diameter
  • Easy drop cable termination on strain relief device
  • Closure can be used in aerial, pedestal and underground (up to 2 meters) environments 

Product details

Productnaam: OFDC-B8


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