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General information



Key Features and Benefits

Rugged Environmental Protection

  • Superior gel sealing technology that seals a wide range of cable sizes to prevent water & contaminant ingress
  • IP68 rated
  • Air valve and grounding options available

Secure Cable Entry and Sealing

  • Gel wrap and multi-port cable seals adjusts to most cable size and irregularities
  • Cable termination and retention system fits any cable type from traditional loose tube buffered to small micro-sheath cables
  • Eliminates risk of cable damage
  • Maximum number of cables supported from 10 (SCIL-A) to 36 (SCIL-C)

Proven Fiber Splice Management

  • Leverages proven FOSC® fiber management system, with multiple splice tray options
  • Fiber splice capacity from 48 (SCIL-A) to 288 (SCIL-C)
  • Storage baskets for looped fiber cable

Quick and Easy Access

  • Closure opens and closes with side latches for quick re-entry
  • Removeable cover allows unrestricted access to cable termination and splice area for easier installations
  • No special tools required


Technical data

Product details

Productnaam: SCIL


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