• FOSC 500B
  • FOSC 500B

General information

The in-line closure FOSC-500B is the environmentally sealed enclosure for ?ber management in the outside plant network.

This product is a cold applied re-usable closure system housing FOSC mass splicing trays and cable attachment units.


  • In-line design
  • Suitable for repair, tap-off and in-line splice applications
  • The wraparound thermoplastic housing consists of 2 half shells which are sealed with an O-ring system
  • 2 cable ports at one side and 4 at the other side are provided in the housing
  • Cable sealing is based on gel-tape technology
  • Cut-to-fix axial pull tapes provide mechanical cable retention
  • A metal basket houses cable attachment units and the FOSC splicing trays
  • Easy re-entry an re-closure
  • The closure can be used as well in aerial, pedestal and underground (up to 5 meters) environment


Technical data

Closure dimensions in mm  
Length (without fixation parts) 636
Length (with fixation parts) 648
Internal diameter 100
External width 160
Splicing Capacity  
Number of FOSC trays 6
Splice tray holding 24 splices 144
Splice tray holding 16 splices 96
Cable ports  
Number of cable ports 2+4


Product details

Productnaam: FOSC 500B


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