• FOSC 500AA
  • FOSC 500AA

General information

The FOSC-500AA in-line closure is an environmentally sealed enclosure for fiber management in the outside plant network. It is a cold applied re-usable closure housing one mass splicing tray and cable attachment units. The closure functions equally well as a customer drop, tap-off or in-line splice closure in the low fiber count part of the network.


  • Slim, elegant, compact in-line design
  • Easy re-entry and re-closure mechanism with hinge and latches
  • 2 cable ports provided at each side of closure
  • Cold applied cable sealing based on gel technology (2 knobs for gel compression)• Integrated cable jacket gripping devices
  • Compatible with most existing cable constructions (loose tube, central core, slotted core)
  • Closure can be used in aerial, pedestal and underground (up to 5 meters) environments


Technical data








Closure Dimension in mm  
Length (without mounting parts) 422
Length (without mounting parts) L 472
Height (H) 65
Width (W) 125
Splicing Capacity  
Number of splicing trays 1
Number of splices 48
Cable Ports  
Number of cable ports 2+2
Cable ø range 5-15 mm




Product details

Productnaam: FOSC 500AA


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