• FOSC 450
  • FOSC 450

General information

The FOSC-450 is a single-ended, environmentally sealed enclosure for fiber management in the outside plant network.

FOSC-450 gel splice closures have the same splice capacity as FOSC-400 closures and feature the same reliable and easy-to-use dome-to-base clamping system. The major difference between the closures is that the FOSC-450’s cable sealing terminations use gel-sealing technology instead of heat shrink. The FOSC-450 features a single wrap-around gel seal with four or six cable ports. The single seal slides easily into the closure’s base for rapid, secure installation. Gel-seal cable terminations automatically adjust to cable size and shape, and require no special tools or accessories to install. It is easy to remove cables, and gel seal is completely re-usable.



  • Single-ended design
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Base and dome sealed with clamp and O-ring system
  • 4 or 6 round cable ports provided in a wrap-around block with pre-installed gel profile for cable sealing. This block can be opened and closed repeatedly without removing or replacing the gel. With the use of special kits, multiple cables per port can be installed
  • FOSC splice trays hinged for access to any splice without disturbing fibers in other trays
  • Compatible with most common cable types:e.g. loose tube, central core, slotted core, ribbon fiber
  • Uncut or expressed loose tubes can be stored in storage baskets
  • Closure can be used in aerial, pedestal and underground (up to 5 meters waterhead) environments


Technical data


  A4 BS D6
Closure dimensions in mm      
Length (without gel block trigger) 485 490 753
Ø (including cable clamp) 205 232 291
Cable ports      
Number of round cable ports 4 6 6
Cable port capacity1 (Minimum-maximum Ø) 8-22mm (x2), 10-28mm (x2)    9-25 mm       9-25 mm   
Type of splicetray A
Splice capacity Fibers Trays Fibers Trays Fibers Trays
Single element splicing 96 4 144 6 768 8

1 With the use of special kits, multiple cables per port can be installed.

Product details

Productnaam: FOSC 450


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