• OFDC-A4
  • OFDC-A4
  • OFDC-A4

General information

The compact OFDC gel sealed closures have been upgraded to an ideal connection point for distribution & drop cables in FTTH networks.
To keep planning efforts to a minimum, the same terminal can be used above and below ground (pole –wall –strand – pedestal - ..) and accepts a wide range of cables.
The same OFDC housing can be configured to handle different connectivity solutions, such as splice-only, pre-connectorized drop cables and field installable connectors, enabling simplified training.
The innerwork is fully removable for easy pass-through cabling. The housing is designed for wrap around drop cable installation, enabling faster deployments.
Fast customer connection only requires to open the demarcation cover while the top cover is protecting the network fibers.
The modular design is future proof and allows field integration of optical components such as splitters when needed. This also reduces initial cost of deployment.



CommScope’s upgraded 4-port terminal provides an ideal FTTH access point for distribution and drop cables. The design enables:

  • Compact design
  • Separate zones for looped cable storage, splicing and patching to drop cables
  • Individual access to drop cable connection area
  • Drop cable terminated in the closure using splice technology, pre-connectorized drop cables or field installable connectors (FIC).
  • Entire fiber management section can be removed from closure body
  • Modular splice holders compatible to SMOUV
  • Splicing capacity: up to 12 (45mm SMOUV)
  • Suitable for housing field installable optical components
  • Two main cable ports
  • Four drop cable ports
  • No special installation tools required
  • Cable repair option for up to 48 fibers


Demo video:


Technical data


Sealing performance IP68 2mWH
Net weight 0.55kg / 1.2 lbs
Diameter for 2 feeder cables 10-12 mm / 0.4–0.47 inch
(*extended sealing range 4.5-12mm / 0.17-047 inch)
Diameter for 4 drop cables Round cable 3-5 mm / 0.12-0.2 inch
(*extended sealing range 2-6 mm / 0.078- 0.23 inch)
Flat cable 8x4.5 mm / 0.3x0.17 inch (LxW Flat cable dimensions)
Diameter for 8 drop cables Round drop 2-4.5 mm / 0.078- 017 inch using 2 cm / 0.78 inch gel strip between 2 cables per port (to be ordered separately)
Splice capacity 12 splices (SMOUV 45mm). For repair up to 48
Patch capacity 4 SC / 8 LC
Color Black housing
Pigtails 4 colors according to TIA-598









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Productnaam: OFDC-A4

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