• OFDC-C12
  • OFDC-C12

General information


An ideal solution for FTTH networks, the OFDC-C12 gel sealed closure provides an ideal connection point for distribution & drop cables. The closure can be used in aerial, pedestal and underground (up to 2 meters)environments.

The closure provides separate compartments for each functional area of looped cable storage, tube breakout, splicing, and patching to drop cables. Individual access is provided to a patching compartment, allowing connection to drop cables without disturbance of fibers stored in other compartments.

Connection to distribution cables is via Commscope’s Xpresdrop cable (SC/UPC, SC/APC connector footprints).

The gel seals used for both closure and cables are fully reuseable and make re-entry quick and easy.


  • Compact design
  • Separate compartments for functional area of looped cable storage, tube breakout and splicing, and patching to drop cables
  • Individual access to drop cable connection area
  • Drop cable terminated in the closure using Commscope’s Xpres-drop cable (SC/UPC, SC/APC connector footprints)
  • Entire fiber management section can be removed from closure body
  • Compatible with RECORDsplice, SMOUV and ANT splice protectors
  • Splicing capacity: 24 RECORDsplice or 48 SMOUV (45mm) or combination of both and up to 72 (45mm SMOUV)
  • Also suitable for housing optical splitters
  • Four cable ports (2 of 13-15 mm, 2 of 8-10mm)
  • Twelve drop cable ports (3-5mm)
  • No special installation tools required


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Technical data

Dimensions and Capacity

Length x Width x Height (mm) 370×214×118
Cable diameter for main cables (mm) 13-15
Cable diameter for branch cables (mm) 8-10
Cable diameter for drop cables (mm) 3-5
Splicing capacity 48 fusion splices or 24 mechanical splices, 72 fusion splices
Patching capacity 12 SC adapters


Product details

Productnaam: OFDC-C12

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