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General information

TDUX is a unique inflatable wraparound duct seal system permanently sealing telephone cable ducts, preventing leakage of water from the duct into exchange vaults or manholes. It has been developed for use in conjunction with plastic, concrete or steel ducting wall feedthrough systems. It is suitable for use with polyethylene or lead-jacketed cables.


  • Fast and easy to install, even in congested enclosures.
  • Very flexible and reliable wraparound sealing system.
  • Independent of duct or cable ovality.
  • Wide application cable range with one size.
  • Seals vacant ducts and ducts with one or more cables.
  • Can be installed while water is flowing out of the duct.
  • Water and airtight up to 50 kPa.
  • Environmentaly friendly and non-toxic.
  • Resistant to chemicals and bacteria.
  • Easy and fast removal.
  • Different sizes are available, sealing a wide variety of ducts and cables.
  Duct inside diameter range Corresponding outside diameter
range for 1 cable or sum of 2 cables
  Min Max In duct min In duct max
TDUX-35 25 35 0-12 0-25
TDUX-45 32,5 45 0-14 0-32
TDUX-60 45 60 0-18 0-45
TDUX-75 55 75 0-28 0-56
TDUX-90 60 90 0-32 0-83
TDUX-100 75 100 0-45 0-90
TDUX-125 110 125 0-83 0-103


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Productnaam: TDUX

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