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SMOUV splice protector sleeves provide mechanical and environmental protection for fusion splices of single and ribbonized fiber.

The SMOUV sleeve consists of

  • A clear outer heat shrink material
  • A low temperature hot melt adhesive to encapsulate the splice
  • A stainless steel rod for single fiber splices and a ceramic rod for ribbonized fiber splices to ensure proper alignment and rigidity

SMOUV-1120 sleeves for single fibers are ideal for protecting single fusion splices of primary and secondary tight or semi-tight coated fibers.
SMOUV-1120 sleeves for multiple fibers protect mass fusion splices of ribbons with two to twelve fibers.
All SMOUV-1120 sleeves are compatible with the most commonly used fiber management systems and organizers.
SMOUV-0120 sleeves are designed for protecting single fusion splices of primary and secondary semi-tight coated fibers in high density fiber management systems.


  • 30 years of global proven field performance
  • Compatible with all common fiber coatings
  • Optimal design for simple and correct fiber entrance
  • Hot melt adhesive especially developed for optimal flow
  • Transparent heat shrinkable tube for simple installation verification
  • Short installation cycle and compatible with most common ovens
  • Available as separate item or as part of an application kit


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Productnaam: SMOUV


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