• FIST gelsealing
  • FIST gelsealing

General information

FIST and FOSC multi-out gel seals offer an easy, fully mechanical sealing solutions to upgrade FIST-GCO2 and FOSC-400G closures in an FTTH network.
They make it possible to use multiple cable drops in a single closure outlet port, thus significantly increasing existing cable capacity.
The unique gel-based mechanical sealing technology offers a safe and reliable solution for blown, standard, mini- and micro-cables, including those fiber cables with thin outer jackets that are difficult to seal with standard heat shrinkable sleeves.
The seals can be used in aerial, pedestal and underground (up to two meters) environments.


  • Mechanical seal
  • Sealing range from 0-14 mm for round and from 5-20 mm for oval ports
  • Re-entry possible
  • Wrap-around oval port seal
  • Individual port numbering for network planning
  • Sealing performance up to 20kPa or two meter waterhead

The sealing kit consists of

  • Multi-out gel seal
  • Dummy plugs for unused ports
  • Cable termination brackets


Technical data

Round ports  
1 1 cable ø 11-14mm
2 2 cables ø 8-11mm
3 3 cables ø 6,5-8mm
4 4 cables ø 4-7mm
8 8 cables ø 3-5mm
16 16 cables ø 0-3mm
Oval port  
X Looped ø 5-18mm Looped ø 5-15mm
20 Looped ø 16-20mm N/A


Product details

Productnaam: FIST gelsealing

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