• HFTP

General information

The HFTP is a compact fiber wall outlet for use at the final fiber termination point in the customer premises. The HFTP provides mechanical protection and managed fiber control in an attractive format suitable for use inside customer premises. A variety of possible fiber termination techniques are accommodated.

Features and benefits

  • Splicing to factory terminated pigtails
  • Positive fiber management
  • Direct termination with field installable connectors
  • Attractive design for indoor use
  • Can hold up to 4 mechanical splices (RECORDsplice) and fusion splice protectors (SMOUV and ANT) and mechanical SC connectors can be integrated as well
  • Splice cable to cable
  • Compatible with 2 SC Simplex adaptors
  • Multiple cable entry points (cable diameter ≤ 6mm)
  • Can be wall mounted and mounted on wall boxes with fixation points of 60mm
  • Laser safe with individual shutters


Technical data

105,5 82,5 23,8


Splice capacity 4
Connections 2 SC simplex or 2 LC Duplex
Main cable diameter up to 6 mm



Product details

Productnaam: HFTP

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