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General information


Deployment of HD cameras, Wi-Fi access points, optical network terminals, small cells (picocells, femtocells, metrocells, etc.) and other network access devices can be difficult, especially in outdoor environments. Many of these devices accept a Power over Ethernet (PoE) input for power and communications. However, the PoE distance limitation of 100 meters can cause difficulties with network planning.
Also, power is not always readily available in the precise locations where device placement is needed to improve 4G LTE and/or 802.11ac Wi-Fi
coverage for wireless networks, such as on the sides of buildings, lamp posts, etc. In these situations, it is typically needed to run power to the
desired location prior to installing the devices. Also, any concern about who pays for that power and how it is monitored requires wireless network operators to negotiate with local utility companies and building owners. All of this adds time and money to the installation of network access devices.
CommScope has developed a solution that combines power and optical fiber communications into one system, eliminating the hassles and extra
expense associated with powering typical low-power network devices.


  • NEC Class II DC power supply
  • Hybrid optical fiber and copper cabling with outdoor and indoor/outdoor versions
  • Incorporates DC/DC conversion technology to eliminate DC line powering calculations
  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary electrical protection
  • Media converter for delivering PoE and PoE+ capability
  • SELV and NEC Class II compliant


  • Security cameras
  • Wi-Fi access points
  • Wireless network small cells
  • Optical network terminals
  • Digital signage
  • Additional devices needing PoE or PoE+ signal

Demo video:

Technical data


Powered Fiber Cable System

  • Utilizes globally existing, proven and inexpensive FTTH-style flat cable hardware
  • Outdoor and riser/LSZH, indoor/outdoor rated versions
  • SELV and NEC Class II compliant
  • Fast “banana peel” style cable access
  • Utilizes globally existing, proven and inexpensive FTTH-style flat cable hardware

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Extenders


  • PoE+ compliant interface to endpoint device
  • Automatically corrects for distance voltage drop
  • Integrated electrical protection for endpoint




2-Port PoE Extenders

  • Enhances the Powered Fiber Cable System by allowing 2 PoE or PoE+ devices to be connected via one hybrid cable.
  • IP67 sealing—designed to terminate the Powered Fiber Cable
  • Automatically corrects for distance voltage dropmt de tekst


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