General information

Splicing sub-assemblies are the essentialbuilding blocks that allow the user to build avariety of networks.

A SOSA2 sub-assembly consists of thefollowing parts

  • Organizer trays, designed to store fiber and splices
  • A ‘wraparound’ grooveplate designed with slots for routing fiber to and from the organizer trays

Different types are designed to allow for:

  • Single element management: fibers may be spliced according to their cable construction
  • Single circuit management: The unique and essential ability to manage fibers ina single circuit fashion
  • Single ribbon fiber management



  • Total fiber management
    • Full fiber containment
    • Full bend radius control
    • Physical protection
  • Independent of any cable construction
  • Compliant with most splice types
  • Loop-back facility allowing for singlecircuit uncut looped fiber storage on the tray.


Technical data

Product details

Productnaam: FIST-SOSA2

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