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The FIST street cabinet, FIST-CAB5, is an all purpose metal outdoor cabinet designed to accommodate the FIST generic shelf family. It offers dust-proof, environmental and mechanical protection for the fiber management functions of splicing, patching and passive component integration.

The inside can be configured in a flexible way to serve customer-specific needs.

A few examples:

  • splitter cabinet configuration -connectorized
  • splitter cabinet configuration - direct spliced
  • cross-connect cabinet
  • interconnect configuration
  • any combination of the above

FIST-CAB5 is designed for outdoor applications (IP55) and needs to be placed on an in-ground root (optional) or concrete socle.

The ‘motorhood’ design and side doors offer excellent accessibility to the fiber management shelves inside the cabinet. Making reconfigurations, adding cables or passive optical components becomes an easy task. The hood can be opened in two positions (under two different angles) and creates a comfortable working area with limited weather protection. The 19” profiles inside the cabinet allow for maximum flexibility and future technology upgrades. Any architecture or cable construction can be supported. Optional drums can be provided to further enhance the fiber management.

The cabinet comes standard with a 300 mm high base to allow easy entry, fixation, identification and sealing of the cables. Cable termination plates are provided inside the cabinet to ensure the cable strain-relief required in outside plant applications. A swing handle with half cylinder lock and 3 point latch system prevents unauthorized access. The cabinet has a powder coated finish (RAL7035).

Technical data


  FIST-CAB5-01-0 FIST-CAB5-01-6
Dimensions in mm    
Height 1250 1850
Width 800 800
Depth 300 300

Product details

Productnaam: FIST-CAB5

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