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The FIST Wall Mountable Rack, FIST-WR2, is an all-purpose metal indoor rack designed to accommodate the FIST generic shelf family (ETSI and 19”). It offers dust-proof, environmental and mechanical protection for the fiber management functions of splicing, patching and passive component integration.

FIST-WR2 is designed for indoor applications.  A separate installer-friendly wall attachment frame is included in the kit.  

Two rack sizes are available: 0.76 m and 1.0 m high. The small size can accommodate 5 standard FIST shelves (125 mm high), the large size can accommodate 7 standard FIST shelves. There is no facility to mount drums at the left or right side of the shelves.  It is recommended to use horizontal patch cord modules for patch cord organization: FIST-GR2-HPM, FIST-GR2-HPS and FIST-GR2-POM.  

The rack includes field-adaptive mounting profiles with ETSI (25 mm) pitch for shelf mounting (see section 3.3).  They can be positioned at: − 19” width (shelf symmetrically in rack) − ETSI width (shelf symmetrically in rack) − ETSI width (shelf asymmetrically in rack)  A cable attachment plate is provided in the rack right bottom.  It can be repositioned in the field to the right center or top or to the left bottom/center/top.  Different cable constructions can be managed in the rack: loose tube cable, IFC, break-out cable, modular cable … 



Technical data

  WR2-1 WR2-2
Dimensions in mm    
Height 770 1010
Width 840 840
Depth 365 365
#ETSI HU 27 37


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Productnaam: FIST-WR2

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