• Elopress (schroefkoppeling)
  • Elopress (schroefkoppeling)

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The ELOPRESS range of fittings completes the POLIETILENE TUBI and ELOFIT lines for conveyance and distribution of drinking water and liquid foodstuffs. It can be used with piping in high, medium and low-density polyethylene at a maximum working temperature of 20°C. ELOPRESS has been designed and produced to comply with UNI 9561 rules.

Conveyance of drinking water

  • conveyance of liquids for foodstuffs
  • fire protection systems
  • under pressure pipelines
  • Irrigation systems

Compression fittings allow mechanical connection from ø 16mm to 110 mm and are made up of body, o-ring, bush, clamping ring and nut.

In addition to the whole range of compression fittings, the ELOPRESS range is completed by clamp saddles, from ø 25 to ø 160 (both normal and with stainless steel reinforcing ring) made up of two parts in polypropylene, clamped by 2-4-6 bolts according to diameter and two seals in nitric rubber to ensure sealing of the fitting.

Nominal pressure     Fittings PN 16 (16 bar) ø 16-63
at 20° Fittings PN10 (10 bar) ø 75-110 Clamp saddles PN 10
Health requirements         ELOPRESS is compliant with rules for the conveyance of drinking water and liquids for foodstuffs according to the requirements in force Italy. Article No. 102 dated 2/12/78 for the Ministry of health


Features Body: Polypropylene copolymer PP-B (type 2) black. Maximum temperature 80°C*
  Nut: Polypropylene copolymer PP-B (type 2) blue. Maximum temperature 80°C*
  O-ring: Nitric Rubber 75 Shore (NBR)
  Clamping Ring: Poli-acetate white
  Reinforcing Ring: Stainless Steel *AISI 430"

* in the absence of pressure


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Productnaam: Elopress (schroefkoppeling)

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