• T inline closure
  • T inline closure

General information

Radius "T" Matrix is a high quality protective enclosure offering fast and easy branching off the backbone to provide fibre/cable paths to new or potential clients.

The "T" Matrix enclosure provides high network flexibility, upgradeability and uninterrupted fibre/cable connectivity with no need for splicing.



  • Designed for use with Radius Miniglide™ and MicroGlide™ cabling systemd, the "T" Matrix™ enclosure offers a protective cover for branching off networks
  • Branching off the distribution route is achieved simply by cutting individual tubes and connecting them to new tubes with push-fit connectors. A fibre can then be blown through this point without the need for additional splicing.                                                                                           


  • For direct burial or use in manholes
  • Retrofittable, can be installed any time, any place
  • waterproof to 2m
  • Tool free assembly
  • Reusable
  • Hinged for ease of assembly
  • Self-locating grip rings


Sizes - mm

50-50-50 40-40-40
50-50-40 40-40-32
50-50-32 40-40-25


Very simple with no tools required. The radius "T" Matrix™ enclosure consists of two hinged halves wich should be fitted round the branch-off area. The enclosure should then be sealed by manually tightening the three retrofittable end-caps.

Part description                                                          No of parts
Connector: 2 halves with central joint 1
End Caps: 2 halves with central joint 3
Gripper Rings: 2 piece 3
Integral Seal: 2 piece 1


Product details

Productnaam: T inline closure

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