• Wall ODF
  • Wall ODF

General information

Wall mounted fiber optical box is designed for

the placement of up to 48 optical connectors indoor.

Optical cables can be lead in/out from upsite or downsite.

Adapters plate is selectable and splicing tray is removable

and suitable for field operation and maintenance of up to

24 splices (heat shrink or crimp).


  • Maximum capacity 24 SC or 48 LC connectors
  • Optional splice tray EC2 or KM1
  • Placement of optical fibre reserves-2 ranging eyes
  • Cable holders
  • Rubber bushings
  • Two lockable doors - two different locks
  • Outdoor version available upon request



Technical data




Steel sheet
Colour       Light gray RAL 7035
Dimensions  421 x 316 x 64 mm
Weight 4 kg




Product details

Productnaam: Wall ODF

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