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CommScope’s MFPS family of solutons is specifcally designed to meet the current and future challenges of your dynamic high-density FTTx deployments. The innovatve modular design features stackable 40mm elements. With as many as 288 patch positons in a 3HU size, the MFPS provides best-in-class fbre density.

Yet the space-saving design also gives technicians and installers all the accessibility they need. Each shelf element swings out individually for easy maintenance while protectng all other elements. The fbre management system secures each fbre in the tray while ensuring minimal bend and maximum optcal performance.  

Available in a variety of confguratons and HU sizes, the MFPS family lets you easily customize your patching and splicing capabilites for each cabinet. 



  • Compact and stackable 40mm modules
  • Total of 48, 72, 96, 144, 192, 216  or 288 patch positons per shelf
  • Highest density of any front panel patch and splice soluton


  • Available as: Splice/patch, patch/patch
  • 1, 2, and 3HU sizes
  • SC or LC connector


  • Full front panel access and port-level fber identfcaton
  • Shelf remains closed for all patching operatons
  • Engineered fber guides and bend control elements
  • Minimal impact on live fibers during service


Technical data


MFPS Series 48 72 96*
Connector type SC LC LC

LC adapter


19" 1HU 48 48 72 96
2HU 96 96 144 192
3HU 144 144 216 288


Product details

Productnaam: MFPS


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