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Designed for fiber management in a rack environment, the FOMS-FPS-HD is a highdensity, multi-purpose mechanical shelf with front patching and optional single element splicing. Its compact design makes it possible to handle a large amount of fibers in a small footprint.
FOMS-FPS-HD delivers carrier-class fiber management to central offices and points-of-presence, as well as FTTH, mobile and local area networks.

Two versions are available

  • Patching only
  • Patching and splicing to terminate loose tube, central core, IFC (intrafacility cable) and break-out cables.


High density

  • Up to 48 SC or LC adapters per height unit


  • Optimized for different cable types
  • Proven splicing concept with bend radius protection, solutions for G652 and G657 fibers and splice protectors (SMOUV)
  • Suitable for any 19” electronic equipment rack, compatible with ETSI or CommScope‘s FIST-GR3 racks
  • 15” shelf also compatible with FIST-GR3F

Easy handling

  • Wrap-around trumpets protect incoming pigtails at side or back of shelf
  • Restricted depth ensures optimum access to back for cable termination
  • Overlength allows for splice repair within trays
  • Pivoting tray offers easy access to shelf’s interior, even when equipment patch cords are installed
  • Mounting brackets can be installed on various positions on the shelf


  • Angled connector patch panel reduces risk of eye damage and guarantees proper routing and positive fiber management for equipment patch cords

Complete solution

  • Shelf can be delivered with pre-fibered pigtails or a pre-stubbed IFC (intrafacility cable)

Product details

Productnaam: FOMS-FPS-HD

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