General information

The FOSC-OPGW is a single-ended closure system specially developed for use on the optical grounding wires of overhead electrical power lines. The closure is suitable for use above ground; it can be attached to high voltage towers, poles, walls or other support structures. One model can be used for track and spur joint applications.


  • Single-ended design with valve
  • A galvanized steel mounting frame holds thermoplastic dome and base, and OPGW cable clamps
  • Pole mounting kit included; allows closure to be mounted on traverse strut of high voltage tower without need to drill holes in metal construction
  • Stainless steel shot-gun protection enclosure available as option
  • Permits termination and sealing of
    • 2 OPGW cables
    • 2 ADSS or conventional buried fiber optic cables
  • Cable seals manufactured from heat-shrinkable material
  • Internal storage utilizes FOSC splice trays hinged for access to any splice without disturbing other trays


Technical data


Dimensions in mm FOSC-400A4 FOSC-400B4
Width x depth 202 x 240 202 x 240
Length without protection enclosure 605 715
Length with protection enclosure 730 730
Splice capacity  Splices at tray edges Splices in modules  
Number of splice trays(a) 3 2 4(6)
Single fiber 72 48 96(144)
Cable ports      
4 round ports for 1 cable each with ø range 5 - 19 mm 5 - 19 mm

(a) The B4 version can be filled with 5 or 6 trays.

Product details

Productnaam: FOSC OPGW


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