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The demands on your network have never been higher. But where others feel pressure, CommScope finds potential. Fueled by unmatched experience and a history of innovation, we work with you to deliver tailored solutions that unlock the opportunity in your network. Together, we create the cabling and connectivity solutions that keep you moving forward.

In central offices, headends and data centers, demand for bandwidth is growing exponentially. The need to install, access, reconfigure and reroute connections is constant. As the physical layer evolves, termination, splicing, patching and storage requirements surpass the capabilities of standard rack and panel offerings.
Network managers need a better solution, one that supports rapid deployment, plug-and-play connectivity and high density—all while maximizing the usable density and long-term value of the fiber network. The FACT® optical distribution frame (ODF) system from CommScope is a compact, fully front-accessible solution that maximizes usable density and supports the continued growth of your fiber infrastructure.
As a modular solution, the FACT optical distribution frame (ODF) system is fully customizable: configure and incorporate universal adaptor packs, cabled modules, MPO modules and value-added modules within a single frame or a lineup of multiple frames. Incorporating CommScope’s popular NG4access® optical distribution frame modules, FACT provides a flexible, reliable and cost-effective solution to your evolving network needs.


The forward-looking design of the FACT optical distribution frame system addresses the most pressing needs for your ever-changing fiber network: reliable performance, seamless transition to future applications and a higher overall return on investment.

With a compact and lightweight frame, high-density plug-and-play elements, and full-frontal access, the FACT optical distribution frame system scales smoothly and logically. The innovative snap-on design requires no tools—reducing installation time by as much as 50 percent. System maintenance is enhanced as well. All fibers remain identifiable and accessible, allowing technicians to:

  • Support up to 2,688 individually accessible LC fiber connections in a fully front-accessible frame
  • Locate and trace individual fibers along easy-to-follow cable routing paths
  • Complete moves, adds and changes quickly and accurately
  • Minimize installation time to live connections through ample room to work
  • Reduce inventory and increase component availability with a single fixed patch cord length for all in-rack and panel connections
  • Manage interconnects as well as cross-connects
  • Perform advanced splicing, management and storage from a single point

The FACT ODF system is designed to flex and grow as the fiber needs of your network continue to evolve. Its modular design and simplified installation and management enable long-term agility to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Supports the any-to-any configurations of today’s leaf-and-spine architecture
  • Enables on-the-fly addition of splitters, wavelength division multiplexers (WDMs), taps and connectivity modules
  • Supports a grow-as-needed approach that avoids overprovisioning and preserves precious capital

Agility and optimized cable management lower total cost of ownership through maximized usable density, more effective capital deployment and improved operational efficiency:

  • Maximize fiber density and manageability
  • Deploy standard cable configurations to reduce installation and inventory costs
  • Decrease troubleshooting time and need to install or reroute fibers
  • Reduce mean time to repair and downtime costs
  • Accelerate time to market and time to revenue
  • Enhance return on investment (ROI)



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