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General information

Re-entrable mechanical splice closure (gel filled) for aerial, underground and direct buried splices in the unpressurized copper telecommunications network.


Features and benefits

  • Prevents water ingress by use of non-flowing gel under permanent compression
  • Three sizes are available accommodating joints up to 30 pairs
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No special tools required to install
  • Robust and reliable under a wide variety of environmental conditions
  • Many connector types can be accommodated
  • Butt, in-line, and branch configurations are possible
  • Easy, clean re-entry

Technical data

Product description Max.
cable Ø
cable Ø
Max. splice opening
Max. splice capacity Splice type Branching
Gelsnap-A-10/5-80 10 5 80 3 pairs Butt Max 2 cables
Gelsnap-B-14/5-130 14 5 130 10 pairs Butt / In-line Max 2 cables at each end
Gelsnap-C-18/5-180 18 5 180 30 pairs Butt / In-line Max 2 cables at each end


Product details

Productnaam: Gelsnap

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