• Tel-Splice II connectors
  • Tel-Splice II connectors

General information

CommScope’s Tel-Splice II connectors provide an economical and reliable means of splicing telephone cable conductors. The conductors are available in several configurations for different applications, such as load coils, stub cables, ready access terminals, and trunk and tool cables.


Features and benefits

  • Durable—Highly resistant to moisture and chemical attack; flame-retardant models available.
  • Economical—Lower applied cost; IDC (installation displacement connectors), gas-tight connections, no prestripping required means minimal operator preparation.
  • Versatile—Available filled or unfilled; color coded for easy identification: two-wire, three-wire and tap in loose piece.
  • Gel-filled connectors for environmentally-protected connections.


Technical data


Product description Housing color Application Insulation Conductor OD Part number
Tel-Splice II Y2F  Yellow 2-wire 2.08  0.4-0.9 CK1828-000
Tel-Splice II RF Red 2- or 3-wire 1.67 0.4-0.9 CK1830-000
Tel-Splice II BF  Green Half tap 1.67 0.4-0.9 CS5638-000
Tel-Splice II Tool         790162-1


Product details

Productnaam: Tel-Splice II connectors

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