• LSA-PLUS® HD180

General information

Switching equipment and distribution systems are being increasingly moved out of central exchanges and re-located closer to customers. The ongoing development of existing networks, expanded portfolios of network suppliers and the implementation of IP services require additional space in the network structures in the “last mile” to customers. Several suppliers need to accommodate their equipment and the associated cabling in a limited space. Here, the topmost priority is to achieve the highest degree of reliability with simultaneous circuit density.
The LSA-PLUS HD180 connection, disconnection and switching PROFIL modules meet the demand for high-density while delivering high-quality connectivity through LSA-PLUS connection technology. The available space is increased by up to 100% over conventional connection systems when using LSA-PLUS HD180 modules.
The LSA-PLUS HD180 is suitable for use in all communication networks (POTS, DSL and IP networks), it’s VDSL2-capable and it’s used in outdoor enclosures with restricted space for cable termination.

Features and benefits

  • Insulation displacement contacts on front and rear
  • Test tap for permanent connection between incoming and outgoing copper cables
  • Surge voltage protection available. The active equipment is protected against voltage surges by surge voltage protection magazines. This results in significant cost savings and high service availability
  • Highest contact reliability using silver-plated IDC contacts
  • Optimum circuit density with 13.5 mm mounting grid dimension increases the available space by up to 100%
  • Optional wire routing elements allow wires to be uniquely assigned, thereby preventing incorrect circuit connections
  • Uses standard LSA-PLUS insertion tool
  • Application for PROFIL rods with ø12 mm and 95 mm distance

Technical data

Disconnection Module Connection Module Switching Module
10-pair modules with disconnection contacts for opening of isolating the line (normally closed contact) 10-pair modules with connection contacts (only parallel rapping possible) for clicking into mounting brackets with predefined positioning to achieve maximum circuit density 10-pair modules with switching contacts (normally open contacts) to be used in conjunction with overvoltage magazines
Housing color: cream white Housing color: grey Housing color: yellow
For click-fixing to profile rod system with 12 mm diameter and 95 mm rod spacing   For click-fixing to profile rod system with 12 mm diameter and 95 mm rod spacing


Product details

Productnaam: LSA-PLUS® HD180

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