• LSA-PLUS® series2
  • LSA-PLUS® series2
  • LSA-PLUS® series2
  • LSA-PLUS® series2
  • LSA-PLUS® series2
  • LSA-PLUS® series2

General information

A technically and commercially superior quick connection system for all state-ofthe-art networks. Contacts that ensure the highest degree of reliability even under the most adverse environmental and climatic conditions. A completely reliable, gas-tight connection between the contact and conductor. That's LSA-PLUS® technology.
CommScope’s LSA-PLUS System family consists of a comprehensive and diverse range of high density, standard and special modules, mounting hardware, test and patch cords, accessories and protection devices.
Voice, high-speed data transmission via xDSL cable TV, Internet access, mobile networks: working in conjunction with CommScope you will be able to confidently face the issues created by vast amounts of network traffic. In addition, CommScope quality ensures total end-customer satisfaction. CommScope copper connectivity solutions are designed to deliver fast, safe and reliable transmission.

Features and benefits

  • Eight- and ten-pair modules with disconnection points for opening the line, testing in both directions or insertion of graded protection elements
  • Based on genuine LSA-PLUS connection technology
  • Available in eight- and ten-pair configurations with parallel test access or overvoltage protection contact
  • LSA-PLUS modules mount on back mount frames
  • LSA PROFIL modules mount on profile rods (8-pair modules: 75 mm spacing between rods; 10-pair modules: 95 mm spacing between rods) or on back mount frames
  • Suitable for use in all xDSL circuits
  • Robust long-term environmental stability allows both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Supports all LSA-PLUS Series 2 accessories
    • Overvoltage protection magazine and single pair ComProtect designs.
    • Labelling such us number flags, label holders and others
    • Test and connection cords


Technical data


Disconnection modules (system color: white)  

Compared to the connection modules, the LSA-PLUS disconnection modules feature additional functions, because the circuit can be disconnected using plugs or cords when required. This feature provides a wide range of possibilities, for example the implementation of an “intelligent” protection systems, measuring and testing in two directions, connecting via cords or “looping in” of functional elements (e.g. attenuation plugs).




Connection modules (system color: grey)


The wires are connected to the opposite contacts at the system/cable and at the jumper sides. Separate access contacts are located at the center of each pair; e.g. for monitoring, measuring and testing work, for switching using switching adapters or for connecting overvoltage protection magazines (3-point protection with overvoltage arresters or semiconductor components).


Switching modules (system color: brown)


The individual contacts and hence the circuits of the LSA-PLUS switching module are disconnected when idle. By inserting plugs or cords, the circuits can be connected when necessary. It is also possible to install 5-point or graded protection.


Earthing module (system color: red)


Depending on the version, the LSA-PLUS earth modules (connection contacts) permit the routing of up to 36 cable wires to one common electrical potential. Via a permanently connected, flexible earth line, the back-mount frame or an earth terminal is connected to earth potential.



Product details

Productnaam: LSA-PLUS® series2

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