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General information

PICABOND connectors provide an economical and reliable Method for splicing multi-conductor telephone cables.

PICABOND connectors are manufactured from tin-plated phosphor bronze with bonded polyester insulation. Colour coding of the insulation is provided to denote the wire size and weather resistant type. Any solid core wire, 28 to 19 AWG (0.32 – 0.90 mm), with pulp, paper or plastic insulation can be spliced.
PICABOND splices reduce the space required over other splicing techniques by up to 33%. Straight, butt, tap, and bridge splices can be made with these connectors.


  • Lightweight, compact, and economical means of splicing multi-conductor telephone cable
  • Requires 33% less space than other comparable techniques
  • No pre-stripping or cutting required; fast and easy installation


  • Saves time — no pre-stripping or cutting required, can tap without service interruptions, eliminates “turndowns”
  • Versatile — Color-coded to indicate size and type of wire; used for butt, straight, bridge and half-tap applications
  • Economical — Lower applied cost, minimum


  • Splicing
  • Central Office
  • Manhole
  • Aerial Pole
  • CEV
  • Pedestal
  • Demarcation Points


Technical data

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Productnaam: Picabond

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