Nieuwe CommScope modular closure

Geplaatst op 17/03/2019

Afgelopen week werd tijdens de FTTH Council in Amsterdam de nieuwe FIST Modular Closure van CommScope voorgesteld. Een mix van 2 producten die hun diensten reeds bewezen hebben, de FIST-GCO2 en de Tenio.

CommScope’s new FIST modular splice closure is a solution that helps providers push the boundaries of what’s possible. This innovative closure is specially designed to give customers the freedom to respond to future changes while delivering unparalleled reliability. The new closure brings all-in-one versatility to networks because it works with the widest range of cable types while maintaining easy access to the individual fibers within those cables. Where you might need two closures today, with the FIST modular splice closure, you will only need one.

FISTTM modular splice closure: adapting to the constantly-changing needs of your network To keep pace with subscriber demands, network providers today need real deployment efficiencies. The new FIST delivers versatility and efficiency. It supports many network applications; its ease of installation speeds deployments; and it simplifies planning and logistics.


The complete datasheet will be available soon.

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